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Paper Cores

We are also manufacturer and exporters of paper cores as per customer specification. We offer paper cores as per their diameters, length, thickness etc.. also as per the availability of colour paper. We offer coloured paper tubes as per customer’s requirement. We are exporters of these products and our products is highly praised by nationally and internationally. Cores are used for multiple and applications in industries of :

spiral wound paper spiral wound paper spiral wound paper

  • BOPP films
  • Polyester films
  • Multi-layer films
  • Aluminium Foils
  • Labels & stickers
  • Self adhesive tapes
  • Paper Industries
  • Paper mills
  • Packing of denim
  • Packing of carpet
  • Packing of furnishing fabrics
  • Packing of submersible pumps
  • Textile industries

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