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About Us

A company’s clientele speaks volumes of the credibility of its products and services. More so when the end products are directly compared with the best in the world, for what can be more conclusive than the consequence of tests, or even broadly, expert opinion?

It is precisely these considerations that prompted Pioneer Fabrics & Packaging to proclaim the excellence of its products and carve a niche for itself in the global proving ground.

The Company manufactures spirally wound paper tubes, cores for multiple end applications such as texturising/twisting, POY Bobbins, open end spinning, packing of denim, carpet, furnishing fabrics, BOPP films, multi-ply films, aluminium foils, submersible pump packing etc., the list being endless.

Technological advances in packaging, transport, and handling of newer materials dictate the use of these unbelievably tough tubes for their unique characteristics in preference over plastic substitutes, owing to its load bearing qualities, and stable holding features that firmly positions the material wound around it. It is precisely these features that have made Pioneer paper tubes the most preferred choice over its synthetic cousin—plastic polymers.

Plant & Location

Located at Naroda in Ahmedabad, the Company has the most modern plant operating since 1982. With a state-of-the art sophisticated, imported plant along with highly qualified and experienced technicians Pioneer is fully equipped to produce high precision tubes with consistent quality to fulfill almost all custom requirements.

Corporate Motto

Professionalism coupled with enthusiasm, parallel with motivation, impels our workers to acquire targets without even trying to.

"Pioneer Fabrics & Packaging applies trailblazing strategies with matching performance and a motivated team that excels in quality management leading to product integrity."

Customer Service

Pioneer excels in satisfying difficult customers, especially when specifications and tolerances must be fulfilled. The tubes then become engineering products tailored to client specifications and perform with technological finesse.


Pioneer Fabrics & Packaging is already exporting to Europe, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Indonesia. Our cores have performed well as evidenced by favourable opinions and client feedback.

Pioneer also manufactures machineries to produce paper tubes at its different facility. These machines are built strictly on their original prototypes and vigorously tested to conform to global performance standards.

These are also slated for export as soon as the initial forays have brought appreciative response. Our technicians work smart to maintain performance and procedural standards so that the end products as well customer service become a natural extension of a wholesome HRD structure.

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